Starting School Moving to High School

All parents want their children to have good lives, and to have the opportunities they need to reach their potential. Schooling is an important part of that goal. For your son or daughter with Down syndrome there may be times along the way when you need to talk to someone about education issues or for information.

Our education support team is available to discuss any questions or concerns families might have about their child’s school or education and can assist them to find relevant information or resources. You might be uncertain about choosing a school and finding the best match for your child and your family. You might appreciate some tips to help prepare your child for school or high school or be looking to develop a good working relationship with your child’s teacher. Give us a call if you would like to talk to someone about these sorts of issues.

Our new ‘Really Useful’ series of four booklets is designed to help you work through decisions you need to make about school, and plan for life after school. Free to people with Down syndrome and families and $10 each for professionals and available from our office. Contact the office to ask for the booklet you are interested in to be posted out to you (we will need to charge postage) or just pop in and pick up a copy.

We are happy to discuss any issue with you. Times of transition and change can often be a challenge for some children and it can help to have some strategies ready to deal with this. Sometimes we hear about useful iPad apps that other families have tried with their child and we can share this information. Or you might want to talk about inclusion, friendships, puberty or other aspects of your child’s school years.

Teachers who have a child with Down syndrome in their class or who need specific information about teaching a student with Down syndrome, can access our individualised education training and consultancy services. This could involve any area of education or classroom management, information about learning styles, communication, literacy and numeracy, classroom strategies or another topic. If your child’s teacher is interested in accessing this service they can contact DSWA for information and to arrange a consultation.

Our training and consultancy staff can also visit your child’s school if this is required, to talk to the staff group or to conduct a training session. Topics covered and length of session can be tailored to suit each situation. Ask your school if they would like to use this service and to contact DSWA for our fee schedule.

A full day professional development workshop for teaching staff is conducted in the metro area every year by our training and consultancy staff. You will find details about these workshops on the training and consultancy page.

When funds allow, we run professional development and parent workshops for families in regional areas, but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen every year.