What we do

Down Syndrome WA provides support and information to people with Down syndrome, their families, and to those in the community who support them. We believe all people with Down syndrome should have the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as everyone else and be supported to make meaningful decisions and choices about their own lives. We work to empower people with Down syndrome and their families to achieve their goals and we work to represent their needs to the community, promote positive attitudes and create opportunities for full inclusion and participation:

  • Family support – for families of people with Down syndrome, including personal visits after the birth of a new baby, information, workshops, phone and online support
  • Peer support – by linking families to share information and mutual support, support groups, person-to-person and online networking
  • Education support – for students with Down syndrome and their teaching staff through professional workshops and consultancy support for families, teachers and schools
  • Adult support – by providing information to families and peer group activities for adults including Aim High club, workshops, learning and by promoting self-advocacy opportunities
  • Community support – by raising awareness and providing training wherever it is needed: awareness talks to groups or more formal training tailored to any recreation group, work place or service to enhance the full participation of people with Down syndrome
  • Advocacy – on behalf of people with Down syndrome and their families to government and the broader community

Family support

We are available every week day 9.30am-2.30pm at our office/drop in centre, to meet families in person, if you would like to pop in for a chat. We have a comfortable, child-friendly area available for this purpose. We are easy to find, centrally located and close to major roads. Or you can use our helpline and contact us by phone or email and we will get back to you (messages and emails are checked regularly).

  • New parents are offered a hospital or home visit or phone call, new parent information and follow up calls, support groups and workshops.
  • Ongoing support is offered to families at all ages and stages of their child’s development. Give us a call if you are looking for information, services or would like to network with other families.

Peer support

We run a variety of support groups for families and adults where people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical support to each other. Some groups meet a few times a year, others more regularly, while some of the online groups are available 24/7.

Education support

Students with Down syndrome are supported in a number of ways throughout their schooling. Professional development is provided to teachers and education staff every year, a consultancy service is available all year round for schools, staff groups and classroom teachers. Families can ring for one-to-one support, information, education resources and classroom strategies for their child. Workshops on transition through school and other topics are conducted when needed.

Adult support

Resources, information, workshops and support are available for adults and their families and those within their networks. Aim High club provides opportunities for adults to engage in community activities with their peers and to increase life skills in real life settings. We are committed to promoting opportunities for self-advocacy.

Community support

We support individuals, any staff groups or organisations through giving awareness presentations, training or professional development workshops for teachers and education staff, support workers, child care staff, others working with people with Down syndrome and to disability, health and community organisations.


Down Syndrome WA is the official voice for the Down syndrome community in WA and we work to represent the needs of people with Down syndrome and their families to government and within the community. Like Down Syndrome Associations in other states and territories we work to influence public policies, assist in bringing about change and improving opportunities for people with Down syndrome. Together as members of Down Syndrome Australia we advocate with one strong and united voice for people with Down syndrome.