There are many considerations to balance when making a decision about an alternative treatment or therapy.  It is important to weigh the potential benefits against the potential risks, as hope and love for your child can sometimes conflict with making a rational decision.  If you are considering an alternative or controversial therapy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has your doctor or therapist provided you with written, convincing and easily understood information about research documenting the benefits?
  • What are the possible risks?
  • Do the benefits outweigh those risks?
  • What kind of follow up care is needed?  Will your child be monitored?
  • What are the long term results?
  • What are the costs?  Will insurance cover all or part of them?

At present there is no ‘cure’ or ultimate treatment for children with Down syndrome.  Appropriate medical care, developmental stimulation, physical therapy and educational intervention all play an important role in helping your child develop fully.  (Van Dyke, Don C. Alternative and Unconventional Therapies in Children with Down Syndrome in Medical and Surgical Care for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents pp.300-301)

Articles and Information

The following therapies are not endorsed by Down Syndrome WA, they are provided for your information only.

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Waldie, Mary  Down’s Syndrome : Biochemical and Nutritional Aspects

Medical and Surgical Care for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents