www.people1stprogramme.com.au  People 1st support people with an intellectual disability in human relationships, protective education and sexuality, along with parents, carers and service providers. It offers services to people in Perth Metro area and regional WA.

www.secca.org.au  secca is a non-profit community agency that provides support to people with disabilities in their efforts to learn about human relationships, sexuality and sexual health across the lifespan.


Cuskelly, Monica et al  Families of Adults with Down syndrome

Robinson – Tafft, Pier and Susan Jones  More than Friends: Beginning a Relationship Training Program


People with Down syndrome have the same sexuality needs, rights and responsibilities as people without a disability.  They can expect to go through the same phases of sexual development as their non-disabled peers, but will need some direct teaching in this area.  In order to keep themselves safe they need to know about their bodies, feelings, what is appropriate and where it is appropriate.  The distinction needs to be made between public and private places, as well as public and private behaviours.


SECCA (Sexuality Education Counselling and Consultancy Agency) is a non-profit community agency that assists people with disabilities and their families to make informed choices about sexuality and sexual expression.  www.secca.org.au


Down Syndrome Society of South Australia Right to Know series Module Two – Sexuality Body Parts 1 and 2
Module Three – Personal Safety – Public and Private
Assertiveness Training
Safety in the Community
Interpersonal Boundaries
Preventative Strategies

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Facts on Sexual Hurting
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Intimacy and MarriagePregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Couples with intellectual disability talk about living and loving