Friendships do not always occur easily, and many parents find that they need to play an active role in planning and supporting friendships for their child with Down syndrome.  Participation in Drama, Sport and other leisure activities can also expand your child’s circle of friends beyond school.

Articles and Information

Social Development for Individuals with Down syndrome – an overview  by Sue Buckley, Gillian Bird and Ben Sacks

Social and Behavioural Skills and Friendships Among Children with Down syndrome


Down Syndrome Society of South Australia  Right to Know series  Module One – Friendships – Feelings 1 and 2
Personal Space
Book About Me (Boy and Girl)

Helping Your Child Develop Social Skills – a self-training package containing a manual, video and CD-ROM

Robinson-Tafft, Pier and Susan Jones  Friendships Training Program

Children’s Books

Bunnet, Rochelle  Friends at School

Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer  My Friend Has Down Syndrome

Senisi, Ellen B.  All Kinds of Friends, Even Green!

Woloson, Eliza  My Friend Isabelle