Children with Down syndrome respond well to structure and routine.  They like to know what the rules are and what is expected of them.  We should expect our children to show age-appropriate behaviours, like all children they will try to get away with whatever they can!

Do set rules at home and insist they are followed.  You need to be consistent in your approach.  The ultimate aim is to have children who know that there are rules and that you need to follow them in order to fit in socially with others in the community.

If you have a specific behaviour problem you wish to discuss with our Family Support Worker Julie Ireland, call the office on (08) 9368 4002 or email Julie on

Articles and Information

Stubborn is…as stubborn does by Carol Johnson

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Q & A about behaviour by Bonnie J Patterson, MD

Stop running by building skills  and Stubborn Behaviour : A different view by Carol Johnson

Addressing challenging behaviour in children with Down Syndrome : the use of applied behaviour analysis for assessment and intervention by Kathleen Feeley and Emily Jones


Brown, Vicki  Behaviour Management

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Green, Dr Christopher  Todler Taming : Volume 6 Children with Disabilities [VHS video]

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